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We release our new website: more visual, more usable and more interactive

15 January 2019

We release our new website: more visual, more usable and more interactive

Helena Jornet Finques have completely renewed our website with Motto


We have released our new website last week, designed to transmit our filosofy and values and especially to improve your online experience with us. The new website adapts to your necessities and to the device you choose to connect, a computer, a laptop, a tablet or any kind of mobile.

We have gone for a minimalist, simple and functional design, but also dynamic and visual. We combine white and our brown colors, geometrical and organich shapes, content, text, images and videos. We also tried to treat you on the same level, always from respect, proximity and professionalism.


Featured new functions


Users account

Helena Jornet's user account has born. If you sign in our new website you'll be able to create lists with your favourite properties, so you will always have them together, organized and ready to check them. 

Map view

Now you can choose how you want to watch our properties: grid view or map view. Doesn't matter what you choose, you will be able to watch all pictures from there, without visiting each property.

Vacation rental

Your holidays matter. That's why, now our vacation rental page has it's own home page. Costa Brava is waiting for you and now it's easyer than ever to find the property where you will enjoy your holidays with no worries, you only need to tell us what are you looking for and we will find it for you so you can easily and queckly book it.  

Offer your property

Our job wouldn't be possible without owners, that's why we have dedicated you this page in our new website. We put all our experience, professionalism and passion into everyt property that we manage. We will keep you fully updated in respect of your transaction and answer promptly, fully and openly all questions that you may have.


And don't forget the page we are opening right now. That's the first article from Helena Jornet Finques Blog. We want to bring you up to date and to not loose any detail. That's why we take care of the content we create. 




Motto is proximity, professionalism, creativity and motion. Yes, just like us. Maybe that's why we get on so well. Thanks Xavi, and thanks to all the team. Let's go on!